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Offset technology

An investments in innovation - Heidelberg Speedmaster offset machine - designed for customers who need productivity and flexibility.
Every printing company has its strengths. And a flexible printing machine is required to highlight the strengths. Heidelberg Speedmaster is well qualified to meet all the requirements of the current market. Because the printing process is extensively automated, smaller orders are also cost-effective. Prompt and stable production comes to the fore at a high number of copies. An ideal space for full satisfaction of every customer has been forming by merging these two characteristics. Our company owns Heidelberg Speedmaster machine with six printing units, which fully satisfy even our most demanding customers.


Alprinta - a hybrid printing technology
Alprinta was developed for printing packaging and labels. Alprinta uses a hybrid technology which is the combination of various printing technologies.

Main advantages are as follows:
  • Printing unit for the highest quality printing
  • Hybrid technology - a combination of multiple printing technologies
  • High printing speed up to 200 m / min.
  • Simple operation and high productivity
  • Lower printing costs
  • Low costs of printing forms
  • Both - side printing (e.g. PROMOTION events)
  • Colour coating up to 4 cm3/m2
  • Infinitely adjustable report


The machine Soma Flex is a medium-sized printing machine with a central roll used for printing flexible wrapping materials, paper or laminate from roll to roll. A solid machine design ensures perfect dynamic properties of the printing system. A unique thermal stabilization of the central roll in combination with the precise print control ensures high accuracy and repeatability of print quality. With an excellent price / quality ratio, Soma Flex machine is equipped with the following elements:
  • sleeves on raster and printer rollers
  • CNC positioning of printing unit
  • UV colours
  • dynamic chamber SOMA to ensure a constant and uniform coating of colour
  • temperature stabilization system for central roll
  • automatic washing system
  • automatic colour range adjustment system
  • exchange system for loosely-placed rolls
  • non-stop winding and unwinding
  • camera belt checking system
  • excellent dynamic properties

Digital printing

The machine HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press represents the latest generation of digital printing and print opportunities.
Digital printing offers a cost effective, high quality product presentation with high image quality and colour constancy even at small print runs.
HP Indigo is equipped with the following facilities:
Winding and unwinding with the touch panel for quick and easy roll changing
Inline Priming Unit
Inline densitometer for checking the colour scheme with feedback to ensure an unbeatable colour stability
tank for 7 cans of colours
ON THE FLY On-press Fast Ink Replacement (OFIR), which is a system for the rapid exchange of direct colours when printing                                                                                                                                      Inline scanner which automates press calibration to ensure an accurate and consistent printing

Main advantages are as follows:
  • Production flexibility (frequent design changes)
  • Zero cost to make design changes (no printing blocks or plates are necessary)
  • Small and medium-sized orders with a large number of various variations of labels - an infinite number of motifs.
  • Variability print data (serial numbering, EAN codes, QR codes, graphic elements)
  • Short delivery time