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Multifunctional digital finishing

Highly versatile digital finishing equipment DIGICON 3 from the company ABG in the combination with two Flexo print units includes the following options:

Hot / cold stamping
Longitudinal cutting
Semi-rotational die cut
2 Flexo print units
Partial and area-wide coating (UV varnish)
                                                             ... and all at little cost and in a single operation.


Programmable high-speed cutters Polar 92 are designed for precision cutting of print products composed of paper, cardboard, plastic films, etc. in medium format (50x70 cm) in post press. The device is combined with peripheral accessory that facilitates the work of operator. Polar Model 92, which is also installed in our company, is provided with the third OptiKnife, ensuring high quality of cutting technology.

Die cutting

Blumer Atlas 110

A comprehensive system with an integrated feeder of band packages Passau-18, cross-cutter of bands ST-18, D-18 machine for die cutting, device for the distribution of packages with or without specifying a maximum package. Our company has also the above mentioned device Blumer Atlas 110.

Longitudinal cutting

Series of longitudinal cutters Soma consists of four basic types, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. There are two devices Soma from Venus series in our company. The modular concept of the cutters allows to equip the machine exactly according to the requirements of customers. We have two such cutting devices, enabling us to eliminate delay in the production and we are able to ensure a continuous changeover of orders during the manufacturing process.

PRATI - Slitter inspection rewinder
Integrating new-generation motion technology anda unique self-sharpening slitting system, SATURN processes SA labels on paper and plastic liners, paper labels, wraparound plastic labels, flexible multilayer packaging. Fully modular and pre-set to implement countless upgrade option, SATURN incorporate the MAKE READY function for added speed and safety at the start of each job.

Sleeve device

DCM Sleeve device

There is a DCM Sleeve device in our operation, too. This device is used for precise shaping and connection of shrinkable plastic films PVC, PET, PS using the shaping rod. It is reliable and produces high quality sleeve. A spray nozzle for the precise glue application and an UV lamp for monitoring the quality of coating solvent are parts of the above mentioned device.

Checking rewinding machine

The device is used for rewinding material from roll to roll and checking the sleeve conglutination. This is realized on the principle of air inflation check of the part of sleeve and follow-up inspection of constant thickness of the air cushion of the sleeve which is sensing by an ultrasound sensor. This device can also be found in our operation and has an automatic correction of edging of the arcs along with a stroboscope enabling check of printing at high speed.