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Graphic studio

Aluprint has leading technology for PC and Mac platforms. We have our own graphic studio, where our dynamic and creative team adapts graphic materials supplied in a printed form, and also designs and creates various types of labels and packages. We use the latest software as follows: from the programs Adobe CS for processing of electronic documents, via Enfocus for the generation, verification, correction and barcode reading, Efi Colorproof XF for the preparation of certified proofing prints, as an integral part of pre-printing control, program ArtPro for creating electronic forms, to specialized rip Nexus with Dotspy check tool for the creation of templates for printing forms. This professional configuration of editors and tools to simulate the final product in an electronic form or a proofing print form and thus provide our clients with greater convenience for the approval of their product.

CMS (Colour management system)

Our company, as one of the few, can boast its own mixing station of colours, and works under the license of company Michael Huber Munich GmbH, and it includes proofing printing machine IGT and a light chamber which uses various kinds of radiation, such as daily, neon, light bulb, UV, to test the shade of individual colours under different types of light.

Quality control system for mixed colours

All colours are provided according to the elevation record with colour deviation UV-flexo Δ E ??  ≤3, offset ΔE? ≤ 2 and UV-offset? ≤2 in relation to remission values ​​in the CIELAB system and, in case of special shades of colours, an elevation record with supplement of remission  values ​​of L and b C H for these colours is available.

Printing plates

CTP technology

Greater performance and lower operating costs are the most important factors for investment in the CTP (Computer To Plate) production. Agfa excels just in these sectors. Plate size from 324 x 370 mm to 660 × 830 mm, increased scanning speed and a consistent design ensure the efficient production. An extraordinary precision laser head with thirty-two 830nm diodes  saves time and preparation of print. It is designed and intended for tough competitive environment in diverse formats in the printing industry, where it is more than a respectable competitor.

Photopolymer plates

Flexo technology has an inseparable position in our company when printing packaging materials. All kinds of paper, cardboard, foils and laminates can be printed by this technology. Very good quality can be achieved by Flexo printing thanks to perfect production technology and technological conditions.  The CDI technology in the production of flexoprinting shape - a photopolymer printing plate -  significantly contributes to the high level of quality. Digital photopolymere printing plate does not need film lithography, because it is made by laser directly from data.

Sleeve plates

We use a sleeve cover, on which the motif is engraved using the latest laser technology, which has very favourable parameters for the use of the UV Flexo colours. The sleeve covers are characterized by high durability and an excellent ability to transfer colours in fine screens, as well as heavy coloured areas. The best advantage of sleeve covers lies in the possibility of printing endless motifs.